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We advise and assist insurance companies, intermediaries, businesses and individuals in all aspects of insurance and liability law

Insurance Law

Our expert familiarity with insurance law allows us to effectively advise you on the drafting and negotiation of insurance contracts, distribution of insurance products, relationships with brokers and agents, etc.

We can assist you in all questions related to life insurance contracts, whether or not contentious – e.g. scope of coverage, disqualification and exclusion, refusal and limitations of warranty, and insurance fraud – in the different sectors of insurance law, including:

  • liability insurance: commercial liability, product liability, post-delivery liability, professional liability, construction all risks, motor vehicles, family personal liability, directors and officers liability, etc.
  • property insurance: fire, theft, credit insurance, works of art, etc.
  • personal insurance: life assurance, death insurance, group insurance, income protection insurance, accident insurance, etc.
  • insurance of expenses: legal protection, travel assistance, etc.
  • reinsurance, coinsurance, etc.

On request, we can conduct an audit of your current insurance policies.

Liability Law

Over the years, we have developed extensive expertise in different areas of the law of liability and in the related areas of compensation and damage assessment.

Our lawyers can advise and assist in such areas as:

  • corporate liability: damages related to operational activities, development, marketing and sale of products and services, D&O, etc.
  • liability in the construction industry (contractors, subcontractors, architects, consultants, safety coordinators, inspection bodies, etc.)
  • liability of physicians and other health care professionals (dentists, physiotherapists, hospitals and clinics, physiotherapists, etc.)
  • liability of business executives
  • other professional liability: IT services, liberal professions, real estate agents, schools, garages, travel organisers and travel agents, event organisers, etc.
  • accidents at work
  • traffic accidents and private accidents

Our clients value our specific expertise in damage assessment, particularly in the financial evaluation of the different components of physical injury (temporary and permanent harm, economic and moral damage, specific damage, costs, etc.), damage linked to death and material damage. Our experienced practitioners know how best to help you protect your interests throughout the claims process.
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