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Employment legislation is becoming more complex than ever before. Our experts are well placed to be able to help you manage negotiations and draft the documents that underpin work relationships, individual and collective.

Our services include:

  • drafting of employment agreements, contracts for services and management agreements best suited to the client’s situation
  • drafting of work regulations, internet use policies, company car policies as well as special clauses (training contracts, non-compete clauses, confidentiality clauses, exclusivity clauses, etc.)
  • advice on alternative forms of remuneration, variable remuneration and bonus plans

We can advise and assist you in preventing many disputes from arising in the first place, and in taking appropriate steps to efficiently resolve any disputes that may arise during the employment relationship or after its termination. Our services include:

  • advice and assistance on well-being at work, prevention of psychosocial risks (violence and harassment in the workplace), internal and external prevention services
  • advice and assistance with cases of individual dismissal, resignation, collective dismissal, transfer of undertaking, etc.
  • liability of workers and officers
  • assistance in connection with social inspections

We provide advice and assistance in specific situations such as posting of workers, protection of personal data and the privacy of workers, etc.

We also offer our clients prudent and proactive advice on social security issues such as pension schemes, accidents at work, authorised additional activities, unemployment, etc.

In cases where disputes arise, we negotiate amicable settlements and, when necessary, we handle the representation of our clients before the various national courts.

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