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Our IP/IT/Data Protection team has extensive experience in copyright, databases, trademarks, patents, information and communication technologies and personal data protection.

We assist our clients in the management of their intellectual property portfolios with a particular focus on the prosecution of trademarks on a global scale.

Our team specializes in all questions relating to :

  • Trademark registration (namely in Europe, USA, China, Canada and Australia), opposition, availability search and trademark watch
  • Enforcement of IP rights namely through cease-and-desist letters, settlement negotiation and litigation management
  • Strategic plans for the development of IP portfolios on a global scale
  • Negotiation and drafting of license agreements, NDAs, service agreements and terms and conditions
  • Specific legal analysis and advice in connection with IP, IT and Data Protection laws
  • Protection of personal data, GDPR audits, drafting and review of Data Processing Agreements.
  • External Data Protection Officer services
  • IP-related tax optimization.

We assist clients of different sizes (international companies, established companies, scaleups and startups) and based in many countries (Europe, USA, China) either directly or through our local agents and lawyers.

Our team knows the cost of legal advice and IP portfolio development and we systematically discuss with our clients to define the scope and goals of the project in order to provide the best possible advice while respecting our clients’ legal budget.

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